Choosing the Right Method to Resolve Your Dispute

Among the multiple options, the most recognized range from the least formal to the most formal are:
• Mediation (least formal)
Using a 3rd Party (Mediator), parties seek a mutual agreement
• Judge and/or Jury Trial
Parties have option to appeal court’s decision
• Arbitration (most formal)
3rd Party (Arbitrator) renders a decision to which there is no appeal

Why Mediation is a Popular Option

Unlike the judicial and arbitration processes, the mediation process gives disputing parties ownership of their dispute.
Owning their dispute empowers the parties to go “beyond the facts of the case”. With the mediator’s help, the parties may arrive at their best solution by also considering the personal characteristics of the parties, their relationship, what the parties consider critical to the dispute, and any long term consequences.
Bottom line, in addition to efficiency, mediation can enhance the quality of the final outcome by encouraging higher levels of participation between disputing parties. The mediation process allows parties to resolve disputes on terms they mutually agree to as opposed to leaving the decision to a judge, jury, and/or arbitrator who may not know the parties or understand the issues as well as the parties do.

How Can Chuck’s Mediation Process Help You?

Chuck’s 7-Step Mediation Process provides you with a private, voluntary, confidential, and cost-effective alternative to an arbitration or public court action.
His mediation process offers a confidential open-forum where disputing parties can comfortably express their positions and discuss alternative solutions for resolving their dispute.
Hopefully, the final outcome sees the parties repairing their relationship.
1AllAll Disputing Parties
2CConvene with a Mediator
3LListen to Each Other’s Position
4EEvaluate Options
5AAgree on a Solution
6RResolve the Dispute
7RRestore the Relationship

Chuck’s All CLEARR Mediation Process℠ is designed to help corporate, community, religious, civic, individuals, families, non-profit, and government organizations.

“Turning Disputes & Opportunities Into Handshakes!”℠

“Restoring Friendly Handshakes”SM
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