How Can Chuck’s Mediation Process Help You?

Chuck’s 7-Step Mediation Process provides you with a private, voluntary, confidential, and cost-effective alternative to an arbitration or public court action.
His mediation process offers a confidential open-forum where disputing parties can comfortably express their positions and discuss alternative solutions for resolving their dispute. Hopefully, the final outcome sees the parties repairing their relationship.

Why Use A Mediator?

People often ask me, “Is using a Mediator to resolve my dispute better than going to court or arbitration?” Well, in my opinion, in order to avoid the “painful” process of public litigation or arbitration, one should consider using a Certified Mediator to resolving their dispute.

You see, the method you choose to resolve a dispute
can be painfully similar to experiencing a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd Degree burn.

For example:

  • The ARBITRATION Method can be similar to experiencing a Severe 1st Degree Burn.

    Arbitration can not only be lengthy and costly, but the decision of the Arbitrating Authority is FINAL and BINDING. There is no appeal by either disputing party for a less than “happy” outcome!

  • The LITIGATION Method can be a Moderate 2nd Degree Burn experience.

    Public Court Litigation can be lengthy and costly. While a disputing party can APPEAL a judge’s ruling, the court proceedings are PUBLIC and, thus, lack the element of privacy.

  • The MEDIATION Method can be a Light 3rd Degree Burn experience.

    Mediations can be the least painful as it allows disputing parties to openly express their concerns in an attempt to quickly, quietly, and economically resolve their dispute. Mediations offer a confidential, private, and cost-effective process where the mediator acts as a fair and equitable 3rd party in assisting parties settle a dispute.

    Bottom Line:

    A Mediator empowers disputing parties to privately resolve their dispute to avoid experiencing a potentially more “painful” process and outcome. Chuck’s effective 7-Step All Clearr Mediation Process℠ helps corporate, community, religious, civic, families, individuals, non-profit, and government organizations resolve conflicts in a cost-effective, peaceful, & confidential manner.

“Turning Disputes & Opportunities Into Handshakes!”SM
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