“Turning Disputes & Opportunities Into Handshakes!”SM
General Information About Mediation

What is Mediation?   Everyone wants their day in court! However, going to court to resolve a dispute can be costly and produce frustrating results. As an alternative to going to public court, Mediation is a process where a neutral, unbiased 3rd party (the mediator) helps two or more parties resolve a dispute. Mediations are private and confidential.

What is a Mediator?   A mediator is skilled in facilitating the mediation process.

Do Mediators need to be certified?   Not necessarily. However, because certification requires advanced training in mediation skills & techniques, using a certified mediator may result in a more effective and neutral outcome!

WHY should I use mediation to resolve a disagreement?   Meditations are productive as the process allows the parties to openly “talk it out”, seek mutual options, and come to a mutual agreement. Meditations are a confidential, quick, and cost effective method for finding common ground and problem solving.

Are there different ways to conduct a mediation?   YES! Among the different ways of conducting a mediation is the All CLEARR Mediation ProcessSM:

What’s the advantage of using the All CLEARR Mediation ProcessSM   Its advantage is its design! It’s designed to “Turn Disputes & Opportunities Into Handshakes!”SM.

Designed for use by businesses, civic organizations, faith based groups, and individuals,
All CLEARR Mediation ProcessSM is a “results oriented roadmap” where:
  • All (Principal Parties)
  • Convene (with a Certified Mediator)
  • Listen (to each other’s position)
  • Evaluate (mutual options & opportunities)
  • Agree (on a solution or strategy)
    RESULTING in the parties:
  • Resolving (a dispute or opportunity), and
  • Restoring (a productive relationship).

What makes the All CLEARR Mediation ProcessSM so effective?
1st – The All CLEARR Mediation ProcessSM:

  • “Multi-purpose” design produces results by helping parties:
    -Avoid public court proceedings. Attorney fees, and delays.
    -Resolve conflicts early to avoid long, drawn out, and potentially costly disputes.
    -Develop strategies to pursue potential opportunities in a timely manner.
  • Is confidential, easy to understand, and affordable.

2nd – Chuck Boles’ 5+ decades of professional business experience and personal coaching skills effectively help organizations and people resolve disputes and advance opportunities.

In Summary:

The All CLEARR Mediation ProcessSM can “Turn Your Disputes & Opportunities into Handshakes!”SM:

“Restoring Friendly Handshakes”SM
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