● The 2nd Opinion AdvisorSM ●
“Turning Disputes & Opportunities into Handshakes!”SM


Let’s Face it……You have 100% control over your decisions,  BUT have 0% control over the consequences of your decisions!
So, the question is: “How do you get better control over the consequences of your decisions?”   Better understanding potential consequences of a decision can help you avoid unforeseen pitfalls and setbacks. The 2nd Opinion AdvisorSM helps you identify (and understand) those potential consequences!
The 2nd Opinion AdvisorSM (Chuck Boles, M.A.) will bring over 5 decades of coaching, advisory, and certified mediator experience to your decision making process.

WHO can benefit by using The 2nd Opinion AdvisorSM?
● Literally ANYONE & EVERYONE ………Company Owners, Organizational Leaders, Individuals, etc.

WHAT service does The 2nd Opinion AdvisorSM offer?
● A 7-Step Process that helps you better understand the potential consequences of your decisions.

WHY should you consider engaging The 2nd Opinion AdvisorSM?
● Because, identifying & understanding the potential consequences of your decisions will:
-  Create greater productivity & peace of mind in your professional & personal life, plus
-  Improve your wisdom, decision-making skills, & results.

HOW does The 2nd Opinion AdvisorSM program work?
● You & Chuck will jointly establish a schedule to periodic analyze & discuss:
-  Existing & Pending opportunities or challenges that require your decision,
-  Decisions or courses of action you want to pursue, and
-  Potential consequences of your decisions or courses of action.

WHEN is The 2nd Opinion AdvisorSM available?
● Availability is flexible and based upon client needs & availability

WHERE can you contact The 2nd Opinion AdvisorSM Chuck Boles?
● Call 703-850-7400 & leave a TEXT or VOICE Message
● Email Chuck@MediatorChuck.com

The 2nd Opinion AdvisorSM will help you
“Turn Your Disputes & Opportunities into Handshakes!”SM

“Restoring Friendly Handshakes”SM
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