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Chuck Boles, M.A.

Some folks are blessed with the awareness that they were born to serve a greater good. As a mediator, Chuck Boles fulfills his greater good by providing services and wisdom relevant to the lives of others.
Growing up on a Kansas wheat farm, Chuck attended a one-room grade school where he was the only student in his grade! Before going to school, his mornings were filled with farm chores and milking cows the “old fashioned way”.
In addition to understanding the value of education and the importance of living a purpose driven life, Chuck’s parents impressed upon his early years the values of work ethic, integrity, team work, and respect of others. These values have left indelible imprints throughout his education, military, corporate, and private sector working careers.
Chuck’s passion for helping others motivated his creating a mediation practice to help individuals successfully deal with life and career challenges. Gradually, his mediator talents attracted businesses seeking help adapting to the ever-changing demographic and economic challenges facing their businesses.
Over the decades, Chuck’s mediation services have served a variety of industries to include: corporate and private business sectors, higher education, non-profits, youth services, prison ministry, religious, general district courts, and community services, to name a few. His expanded responsibilities have invited his participation in public forums, convention platforms, mediation contest judging, and in published writings. Such contributions have allowed him to serve his relevant purpose with a wider audience.
How Can Chuck Serve You as a Mediator?
As a Mediator, his personal core values, decades of professional experience, and vast array of business skills will help guide you through the process of resolving all levels and types of conflict.
He will approach your conflict with the belief that you desire to resolve your differences and repair your relationship with the other party.
Bottom Line:

He will help you achieve your greater good by “Turning Your Difficult Dispute Into A Sensible Solution!”

Residents of Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, Chuck and his wife (Chris) are involved in community and church activities to include the Virginia Garden Club, Master Gardeners, Bible Study Fellowship, Valley Program for Aging Services, & General District Court Mediations.
As a graduate of Hospital Clown College, Chuck’s Cowboy Clown (Buddy Buck-A-Roo) frequently brings “cheer & sunshine” into the lives of those in need of comfort & cheer.

“Restoring Friendly Handshakes”SM
© Chuck Boles, M.A. — Court Certified Mediator •

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